Parish of North West Lochaber

Church of Scotland


Get Involved

The first steps in getting involved in anything can always be the hardest.  


It is no different with the Church.  


In a world that is searching for something spiritual to fill the void of the economic crisis, the lack of security in work and in health the Church is a place where a hope and a security can be found.  The reason for this is simple: the Church is the Body of Christ and Christ is it's head.  As Christians we hold on to the promises of the Bible that Jesus left His disciples and each of His followers today.  


The Church is Christ's family and we are told in the Bible is the vessel God will use until He comes again.  As a family we all have a part to play and there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the life of the Church.


Please prayerfully pray for how God could use you for His work on earth.  Here are some suggestions:


Pray for the Parish and the communities that make it up;


Join in the activities that take place each week as we grow in fellowship together and learn more about Jesus Christ;


Volunteer to help with activities within the Church or suggest new ones which will help to build deeper fellowship with each other and in relationship with Jesus Christ;


Join the Church and become a member of the body of Christ by making a public declaration of your faith in Christ Jesus;


The list is endless as the God we believe in is eternal and immense.  The limit is your imagination...